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Welcome, welcome!!!  Thanks for checking out Tone and Tease®


Here’s the official description of Tone & Tease: a cardio and toning full body workout that combines hip-swaying, body-rolling, hair-flipping, with easy-to-follow dance moves with a strategically placed chair.  Check.


Here’s what really happens at Tone & Tease:  music is bumpin’, the vibe in class is of pure joy, the choreo is fun and we get our “sweaxy” on, in an environment of total acceptance. We encourage everyone to just “Unleash & Let Go”. What happens as a result is YOU feeling sexy and confident…ready to slay the day!  Who couldn’t use more of that, right?

This movement is all about women finding that safe haven to put themselves first.  As women, we wear so many hats at any given moment and “guilty as charged” put our needs on the back burner, only to fall into a rut with the regularly felt emotions of stress and overwhelm.


Boo… nobody’s got time for that!


Here at Tone & Tease we say NO to that junky rut… and instead ask you to gift yourself with an hour where it’s all about you, moving your body and feeling the feelings of confidence…


Don’t fret… you definitely do not have to be a great dancer or have the most fit shredded body.  With the help of your Tone & Tease instructor and all the other saucy souls in class, you will feel confident enough to let your inner diva out to PLAY.  Slay girl slay!!


Here is what you can expect from a Tone and Tease® class.




Bring your sassiest self and get ready to DANCE!  You will be surrounded by a diverse group of fierce, sexy, supportive women who are unapologetic about getting their sweaxy on. Your instructor will ask you to let down your hair (literally – no ponytails in here!) and embrace your inner diva.


We pride ourselves in offering a “no-judgment zone” – so you can immerse yourself in the vibe of the moment where you are mastering the dance moves at your own pace while working up a sweat. Don’t be surprised if by the end, you find yourself screaming, “I am fearless, I am confident, and I am beautiful!” with the rest of us.  




Check out the calendar here to find a Tone and Tease® class near you.

Once you find a date that works, you can sign up directly through this page and reserve your spot before the class fills up!

Ready to get your sweaxy on? We thought so!



Tone And Tease Testimonials

Hey there… I’m super excited that you stopped by this page…

My name is Tara Romano and I want to personally thank YOU for being here, right now…


I want you to know that this website, this content, this message is all for YOU.


Knowing that I have the opportunity to interact with one more beautiful soul is literally what fires me up and gets me going each and every day. 


I figured this is a good place to offer you some background about who I am and what this Tone & Tease project is all about.


For the last 18 years, I’ve been a fitness professional and it’s been quite the journey.


I often marvel and what’s transpired over that time.


When I started teaching, I was happy to just be able to teach classes, meet new students and earn a living in the process.


I figured that if I taught more classes, I could make more money to afford the little extras…


Then, I started to realize that me teaching and coaching was impacting people because they were feeling better, making healthier choices and having fun.


I loved hearing success stories of my students losing weight, fitting into that little black dress just in time for that special event.


I considered those huge wins.


I never expected that cardio classes could lead to so much more.  Over time, I considered putting together my own fitness program. Through trial and error, some tweaking along the way, I created Tone & Tease…


What’s transpired since then is nothing short of outstanding… I’ve experienced a deeper level connection between me, T&T teachers and my amazing students.


In fact, over time I started to see a pattern with Tone & Tease classes… it was becoming the catalyst for women having a breakthrough!


What I came to discover is something truly special.


It wasn’t one specific thing that created these breakthroughs…  


not only the choreography…


not only the music…


It was actually a compilation of people, music, movement all fueled by the vibration of love and joy.


The air of complete acceptance where women felt permission to “Unleash & Let Go!”


See, the pattern I discovered is that at the core of every person is their desire to feel that they matter and that they are special.  I’ve seen it time and time again.


So when I say I’m living my dream, it’s not because I get to travel all over the world… sure that’s amazing!


It’s not only because I have the privilege of training new Tone & Tease instructors who are getting certified every month…


What I see happening is a movement…


A movement where women are feeling ignited and inspired to live authentically, gain confidence and owning who they are… at their core.


So when I people ask what I do I say, “I’m the luckiest girl on this planet…”    And, then I explain what’s happening with Tone & Tease


What’s next?  I’m looking forward to YOU joining this movement, because it matters.


Ready to get your sweaxy on? Check out the Events Area to sign up for a class near you!


Sending you love & light… Tara xx






I feel so sexy after that class. Anybody can feel sexy doing this class. Tone & Tease brought sexy back and I feel awesome.

– Heather ~ Long Island, NY

This class was absolutely amazing. I have never had such a sick workout and felt so sexy. So thank you so much!

– Shari ~ Long Island, NY

I wanted to share with you how amazingly sweaxy I feel from taking Tone and Tease® class. I promise you, you will love it. Anybody can go, all ages, you can bring it home, you can show the world, you can even make other people feel as sweaxy as possible. It’s been the most fun, I’ve never felt so sweaxy in my entire life.

– Idani ~ NJ



I just took the class and it was absolutely fantastic! You’re just a woman who wants to have a great time. Tara asks you to go somewhere, to show up because she knows you’re gonna have so much fun. She makes you feel confident and alive and beautiful and sexy, and she just makes you feel like one beautiful woman because that’s who Tara Romano is. So come take a class, you will love it!

– Denise ~ Long Beach, CA

I just finished the first certification from Tone and Tease with Tara Romano, and I’m so excited! Because it’s a class where every woman can check her age, check her husband, check her kids at the door, and let that inner diva out and have a really good time while she’s toning every part of her body and getting back to that teasing she missed from her early 20s.

– Kiki ~ Torrance, CA

I just took Tara Romano’s Tone and Tease, and for somebody who gets uncomfortable and was just, was kinda iffy about it? I felt so excited, so alive, so confident, and I just felt sexy. And just the way Tara brings inspiration and positivity and she just makes you feel beautiful. And I’m just so excited to take more of her classes.

– Shayna ~ Los Angeles, CA






(For anyone who wants to take a Tone and Tease® class)

What is Tone and Tease®?

Here’s the official description of Tone & Tease: a cardio and toning full body workout that combines hip-swaying, body-rolling, hair-flipping, with easy-to-follow dance moves with a strategically placed chair.  Check.


Here’s what really happens at Tone & Tease:  music is bumpin, the vibe in class is of pure joy, the chore is fun and we get our “sweaxy” on, in an environment of total acceptance. We encourage everyone to just “Unleash & Let Go”. What happens as a result is YOU feeling sexy and confident…ready to slay the day!  Who couldn’t use more of that, right?

Why did you create Tone and Tease®?

My dream is to ignite and inspire you to love yourself completely so you can live your best life possible…and then inspire others to do the same!


I share my story in the About Section on this page.


No matter your fitness level or how often you work out, you can come into a Tone and Tease® class to let go and have fun in a judgment-free safe space, surrounded by like-minded women.


You have a place where you can find the inner strength and confidence you need to help you ask for that raise or invite that sexy someone out on a date. I want you to leave this class feeling strong, sassy, and ready to take on the world!

What are the benefits of this class?

As soon as you step through the door, you’re welcomed into a “judgement free” zone. Fellow classmates are other inspired women, ready to release their inhibitions and live life to the fullest.


You will discover all the wonderful things you (and your body) are capable of, right now, wherever your fitness level may be. Plus, you will get a killer Tone and Tease® workout that will leave you feeling sweaxy and strong!

What should I wear?

Choose something that makes you feel sexy and lets you move easily.  You’ll want to have clothes that allows you to bend, stretch, shimmy, roll, and flip that hair all over the place. Whatever helps you feel comfortable, and ready to dive into your “Me” time… that is the perfect thing to wear!

Are high heels required?

For your shoes…You know what they say, the higher the heels, the closer to heaven!  


However, Heels are not required… You can do the class with gym shoes of course!


Can’t decide?  Remember, you can always bring both gym shoes and heels because you never know when the mood will strike to strut your stuff.  Plus, being on the balls of your feet adds even more intensity (and sexiness) to the workout. If you want the best of both worlds, look for wedge sneakers.

What should I bring to class?

Hydration:  bring your water bottle, a towel, and a change of shoes. Leave those scrunchies and ponytail holders at home…you won’t need them here!


We want that diva hair flying free and fierce. You will literally be letting your hair down AND letting go of everything holding you back. Trust that it’s a very powerful feeling!

Do I need to bring my own chair?

You do not need to bring your own chair to class. The routine was designed around a specific type of chair, and it will be provided for your convenience.

Who should take a Tone and Tease® Class?

You do not need to be a dancer to keep up with all the other sexy divas in class. No matter your age, size, or fitness level, you’re going to learn easy moves that will tone your body and help you rediscover your confidence. And we go over each move slowly, making sure we master one before moving on to the next.

How can I get Tone and Tease® in my area/gym?

Spreading the movement is our mission, so the fact that you want to have Tone & Tease is awesome!


Use the Contact Form Below to get in touch. Remember, we’re working to expand Tone and TeaseⓇ around the world.

(For Aspiring Tone and Tease® Instructors)

How do I become a Tone and Tease® Instructor?

To become a Tone and Tease® instructor, an 8-hour Instructor Training Workshop is required.


In this workshop, you will learn all of the teaching principles and methodology behind the entire program. You will receive all of the tools and resources to become successful instructor, including videos and a reference guide.


Within a week of completing the workshop, you will receive an evaluation that lets you know whether you’re ready to start teaching right away or if you need a little more time to perfect the moves.


Once you receive your evaluation, you will have 8 weeks to practice and send in a video of your routine. Once you’ve passed your evaluation, you will be awarded a certification to teach Tone and Tease®!


Get started today by signing up for one of our instructor training courses!


Get in touch via the contact form below to learn how.

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for becoming a certified Tone and Tease® instructor. You don’t need a dance background, teaching experience, or even a Group Exercise Certification (though I highly recommend one).


This course is designed to give you everything you need to be able to:

1. Teach Tone and Tease® dance routines


2. Correlate principles of physical fitness to each element of the class


3. Most importantly, inspire people to find their confidence, live a healthier, happier, and sexier life!

What should I bring to the workshop?

You will need a change of clothes (you are gonna sweat!), lunch (we will have a working lunch so we can stay focused), healthy snacks, plenty of water, a towel, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of heels. The most important thing you can bring is an eagerness to connect with your students so you can inspire them to feel like true divas.

Does everyone who takes the course get Certified?

Instructor candidates will need to meet all of the instructor requirements in order to become a Certified Tone & Tease instructor. After the course, you will receive an evaluation within one week. Plus, you will be added to the online Tone and Tease® Instructor Community.


The evaluation will either award you a Certificate of Completion (#CertifiedDiva), which allows you to start teaching Tone and Tease® classes as soon as you are ready! If you do not receive a Certificate of Completion, your evaluation will contain notes for areas to work on. You will have an 8-week window to practice those skills and send in a short one-minute video for re-evaluation.


The certification process is designed to make the experience consistent across the board. Safety, understanding the body and how it moves, and mastering the moves are all essential to your success as a Tone and Tease® instructor. Our students should have a consistent experience from one class to the next, no matter who their instructor is or where they take the class.

What will I be tested on?

You will be tested and evaluated on:

1. Your presence in front of the class

2. How you interact with and motivate your students

3. Visual, verbal, and nonverbal cues

4. Basic understanding of the human body and proper bodily alignment

5. Musicality, rhythm, and form

In the end, we encourage our Tone & Tease instructors to represent the vibe of our mission.  Confident, feeling sexy and inspired.  

The most critical components for success as a Tone and Tease® instructor are clear communication and the ability to connect with your students. These invaluable skills will help you bring out that sassy, soulful side in your own students, and let them know they are seen, heard, and appreciated.

If I don’t pass the training, will I get a refund?

If you attend the workshop and are not awarded a certificate immediately afterward, you will have up to 8 weeks to practice and work on your skills. At any time during those 8 weeks, you can send in a one-minute video for re-evaluation.


Don’t worry! You will be given a post-workshop evaluation to help you know which areas to focus on. You will also receive videos of the choreography taught at the training and be added to the online Tone and Tease® Instructor Community so you can find the support you need and get answers to any questions you may have. The Tone and Tease tribe (#TNTTribe) and I are here to help you hit your goals and succeed!

How long does a Tone and Tease® Certification last?

Your #CertifiedDiva credentials are valid for one year. As fitness techniques and knowledge evolve, you will need to stay current on industry best practices and periodically refresh your skills.


Continuing education and yearly recertification ensures you are always at the top of your game and ready to help transform lives.

How do I renew my Instructor Certification?

Once you participate in a full day of the Tone and Tease® Certification and pass, there is no re-certification at this time.

How do you help me succeed as a Tone and Tease® Instructor?

After completing the workshop, we’ll support in the following ways:


1. Instructional videos and music.


2. You’ll receive recordings of two live classes of choreography so you can audit the class


3. New routines, music, and choreography notes will be offered every 8 weeks to help keep your classes fresh and exciting.


4. You will also get Business/Marketing library access, complete with everything you need to advertise and attract prospective students to join


5. Live Q&A session via conference call or Google Hangout a MINIMUM of once a month.


6. Community of fellow instructors to interact with


7. Stay up-to-date on the latest Tone and Tease® news


8. Find fresh new ideas and inspiration to help transform both your business and your students

Is there a monthly fee to become a Tone and Tease® Instructor?

The only fee required to become a Tone and Tease Instructor is the one time fee for the Certification Workshop…You will be provided with all of the tools needed such as; tutorial and choreography videos and support to fulfill your requirements as a Certified Diva. You will also get access to all of the marketing collateral and community support to set your business up for success.



We LOVE hearing from our students and students-to-be…

The FAQ section above covers lots of information. However, if you have a question, concern or divine revelation… the yes, we welcome your message.


Here at Tone and Tease® we are committed to making ourselves better.  As we evolve, improve, and grow your ideas and feedback are so appreciated.


Love & Light!
xx Tara